Health concerns: The impact on beverage markets


The full report is valuable for beverage companies, and packaging and material suppliers to the beverage companies as well as those interested in American health and beverage purchase and consumption. The insights in this report help provide an understanding of current consumer purchasing behavior as well as providing some useful insights into future changes in purchase behavior. This information will help in understanding the current dynamics of the beverage business, supporting strategic planning and forecasting, and informing decision makers.

The full report was developed and fielded by Concept Catalysts and iModerate Research Technologies in September 2010. Data analysis and report preparation was completed in December 2010. Total page length is 52.

Methodology: Data for the study were collected via a mixed methods quantitative/qualitative survey with sample size N=513. The online data were supplemented by 42 interactive qualitative chat sessions (facilitated by online moderators) to probe more deeply about consumer preferences on health and wellness, drinking behaviors and purchase habits, and intended behaviors over the next 12 months.

Respondents were queried on their consumption of a number of beverages including carbonated soft drinks (diet and regular), beer, wine, energy drinks, bottled/canned and hot tea, sports drinks, juice and juice drinks, milk, bottled water, tap water, hot coffee and enhanced water. Results include demographics, statistical charts, summary tables, qualitative respondent comments and key findings. The majority (60%) of Americans are concerned about the negative impact of the beverages that they drink and the majority of them will be drinking healthier beverages in the next 12 months. The study also shows that health concerns are the major driver of recent changes in what consumers buy and drink and that 74% of Americans do not think that beverage companies are concerned about their health.

The report includes general themes including:

  • People's perceptions of what makes a beverage "healthy"
  • The main drivers of beverage choice when it comes to taste, brand, cost, and healthiness
  • A ranking of beverages by perceived healthiness
  • The specific beverages that people say they will drink more of and less of in the coming 12 months
  • People's perceptions of their health, wellness, and data on their exercise habits


This report is available for immediate download as a pdf file upon purchase.

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